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Monday, June 08, 2015

Accessing the CCSTN email server via your Mobile Device

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Accessing the CCSTN.org EXCHANGE via your Mobile Device...


These settings should standard on all devices, however the APP’S design parameters may differ depending on what Brand/App you are using when setting up the CCSTN.org Exchange Mail on your mobile device.

You should search on Google to find information relating to your specific device or OS. The settings below are the information needed to connect to the EMAIL server via ActiveSync.





Main points to adding an Exchange account:

  • Click Add Mail account then Select Exchange,ActiveSync or Corporate 
  • Type full email address and password
  • Next
  • Type username “cheatham\username” (without the quotes) The same username as you use to login to a computer, email and School-In-Sites.
  • Type username’s password
  • Type domain “cheatham.k12.tn.us” (without the quotes)
  • Type server “mail.ccstn.org” (without the quotes)
  • Finish up the prompts.


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