Ashland City Elementary School seeks items for new "ACES Archives" display

Ashland City Elementary School is working to preserve its long, rich history.

The school is creating an “ACES Archives” display, and Principal Dr. Melinda Broyles and her staff are turning to the community to help get it started.

“We are looking for items such as photographs, yearbooks, trophies, programs, pennants, plaques and other memorabilia that are unique or special to the history of our school,” Broyles said.

Broyles said the goal is to create a display that allows students, staff and school visitors to truly get a sense of the school’s history.

“Our school has been a part of this community for many years (even before it was an elementary school), but newcomers to our area may not realize that. We want to create this area to honor those who were here before us and celebrate our rich history. It is our way to give back to the community for their support,” she said.

The display will be located in the hallway right outside of the gymnasium’s concessions stand area.

 Anyone who would like to donate items, can call the school at 615-792-4296 or e-mail Broyles at or Amanda Hunter at