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School Safety Tip Line

The Cheatham County School District has a School Safety e-mail tip line that enhances the safety and welfare of our students and staff.
The tip line is designed for use as an online reporting and prevention tool.
If students, parents or community members know of an unsafe situation in one of our schools, they can pass on that information to school officials by sending an e-mail to [email protected].
Sample issues could include cyber or physical bullying, situations of abuse, talk of a fight, drug abuse or anything that could impact the safety and well-being of students and staff.
When making your report, please include as much detailed information as possible because doing so will greatly assist school administrators in investigating and addressing the concerns.
The tip line is intended to give students and parents a fast, effective and safe way to report unsafe situations and not worry about being identified as the source of the information.

This is not a two-way method of communication. For immediate emergency situations, please call 911.
For questions regarding the tip line, please contact our individual schools or email Coordinator School Health Supervisor Shelley Duke at [email protected].