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Grading System

The Cheatham County School District has new grading scale beginning with the 2022-2023 school year.

The Cheatham County School Board approved the school grading system in July 2022 to align with recent legislation passed by the Tennessee Legislature.

The new grading scale for students in grades 3-12 will be a 10-point scale, instead of a seven-point scale. Students in grades K-2 will continue to utilize a standards-based report card.

The new grading scale that was approved by the state legislature specifically addresses grades 9-12. However, by implementing the new scale in grades 3-8 will allow for consistency for our families, so they know the expectations through their child’s education in the district.

According to the state legislation, the change aligns Tennessee’s high school grading scale with its colleges and universities, and high school students will be able to access more academic scholarships for college both in state and out of state.

Additionally, the change to the grading scale also puts Tennessee in line with the grading scales of the majority of the country.

The new grading scale is as follows:

• A: 90-100

• B: 80-89

• C: 70-79

• D: 60-69

• F: 0-59