District honors Educators of the Year

The Cheatham County School District celebrated 15 exceptional educators Tuesday, May 14 at the 2018-19 Educator of the Year banquet.

At the banquet, Teachers of the Year at each school were recognized.

The Teacher of the Year program recognizes teachers who exceed expectations to provide meaningful and rewarding learning experiences for Cheatham County students.

To be selected as a school-level Teacher of the Year is a significant honor because they are selected by their peers.

The Teachers of the Year are:

• Ashland City Elementary School: Jane Crocker
• East Cheatham Elementary School: Keri Coffman
• Kingston Springs Elementary School: Misty Norfleet
• Pegram Elementary School: Jessica Ledbetter
• Pleasant View Elementary School: Heather Haynes
• West Cheatham Elementary School: Renee Adler
• Cheatham Middle School: Jenifer Binkley
• Harpeth Middle School: Lindsay Greece
• Sycamore Middle School: Billie McBride
• Cheatham County Central High School: Scott Padgett
• Harpeth High School: Carolyn Stuart
• Sycamore High School: Shelly Greer
• Riverside Academy: Doug Hungate

The three district-wide Teachers of the Year were also honored at the banquet:

• Elementary School Teacher of the Year: Keri Coffman, East Cheatham Elementary School
• Middle School Teacher of the Year: Billie McBride, Sycamore Middle School
• High School Teacher of the Year: Scott Padgett, Cheatham County Central High School.

Additionally, the district honored its Principal of the Year – Wendy Cox of East Cheatham Elementary School – and Supervisor of the Year – Academic Coordinator Dr. Joseph Jones – at the banquet.