A.O. Smith, Chamber award teacher grants

The Cheatham County School District is pleased to be the recipient of $13,735 in education grants, which were provided through a cooperative effort between the Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce and A. O. Smith.

The district was awarded nine grants through the Chamber of Commerce’s Foundation with funding provided by A.O. Smith.

Through a competitive application process, teachers across the district submitted grant proposals in the summer to fund projects not already funded through the regular school budget.

Cheatham County Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Misty Keenan awarded the grants this week.

The following schools and teachers received grants for the 2019-20 school year:

• Ashland City Elementary School: Kristin McQueen, Flying Drones, $1,500

• West Cheatham Elementary School: Sarah Roberts, Kindles for Kinders, $1,284.06

• Cheatham Middle School: Kristina Pardue, Robotics Enrichment, $1,500

• Riverside Academy: Kelly Shane and Bill Parsley, Mad Scientist, $1,500

• Kingston Springs Elementary School: Patti Fink, 3 Part Sensory Explosion, $1,500

• East Cheatham Elementary School: Anna Bewley, Clubs, $1,046.64

• Pleasant View Elementary School: Megan Frost, The Mindful Panther, $2,400

• Sycamore Middle School: Kathryn Penzo, Robotics Based Learning, $1,506

• Harpeth Middle School: Kristian Dennison, Hands-On Mathematics!, $1,498.34