District is disinfecting buses, schools

The Cheatham County School District is being proactive in its effort to address the traditional flu and other viral infections.

As an extra precaution, we are taking additional steps to disinfect our buses and schools.

We believe this approach will help address those illnesses and will reduce future illnesses that may arise.

With the assistance of Biopure, we started disinfecting our entire bus fleet on Friday and the work will continue this week. Biopure is using advanced electrostatic disinfection technology to treat the buses.

This week, we will have SMS, our contracted custodial company, add to their daily cleaning an atomizer hospital-grade disinfectant fogger to disinfect all surfaces and areas of our schools.

As a reminder, good hygiene is extremely important in efforts to limit the spread of these type of illnesses.

To be the most effective in the prevention of illnesses being spread we need your help.

We are asking parents to take extra time with your child to discuss the importance of proper hand washing, then show them how. Teach them the importance of covering their mouth and nose for a cough or sneeze – either with a tissue or their arm.

These simple activities will help lessen the spread of illness throughout families, the school district and the community at large.