District daycare updates

Governor Bill Lee’s latest announcement has put a sudden closure for schools and, unfortunately, for daycares that are operated by the Cheatham County School District.

The following is a message from Daycare Supervisor Emily Staggs:

Please know this has been a trying time for all of us, and we are so sorry for the burden this has placed on our families.

With that said, we are working diligently to have a plan in place to open daycares safely for this summer. 

We plan to be open as soon as possible and be able to provide again service of caring for your children as you continue or start back to work. 

Our summer session normally begins Tuesday, May 26.

As COVID-19 is monitored by the Centers for Disease Control and our state government, we will adhere to recommendations set for our county. 

We are planning to open up for the summer, but will have to take these plans slowly while we are presently at the peak of COVID-19. It is our intention to open up for summer and provide a safe and fun learning environment for our students. 

Of course, there will be strict procedures in place for children entering our program and a new normal for drop off and pick up.

Please bear with us as we navigate this uncharted territory and know we are trying to do what is best for children and our staff. 

Our goal is to re-open as soon as it is safe for all. Thank you for understanding and the support you give our program and staff.

For additional information, email Mrs. Staggs.