District announces new online registration

The Cheatham County School District has some great news to share with our families!

Welcome to online registration!

The process of completing the massive amounts of paperwork at the beginning of the school year has now been electronically streamlined by the district.

If you are a returning student (either currently active or re-enrolling after leaving our district for a period of time), you can complete online registration.

You will need your Skyward Family Access login information (click here) to complete online registration.

Please select the reset link on Skyward login page. If that does not help, then please contact your school for your login information.

If you are a current family, use your current family access to register any new student through the New Student Enrollment Button. This button will be active from Aug. 3 through Sept. 11; you can also update your information for other student here as well.

If you have NEVER before been enrolled in the district, you will complete Online Enrollment.

Please follow the link here for brand new district students.

Thank you so much and we welcome you to the Cheatham County School District!