District requires students, staff to wear masks

The face mask requirement in the Cheatham County School District’s 2020-2021 reopening plan has brought up questions from our families. This document is designed to answer frequently asked questions and hopefully alleviate any concerns about students wearing face masks.

Why was additional guidance on the wearing of face masks released by the CCSD? Data continues to show the reduction of COVID-19 cases in communities where masks are worn. The intent of the CCSD is to do everything possible to keep students in school.

When do students have to wear a face mask? Face masks are required to be worn when students are unable to social distance from others, such as riding the bus, during class change, arrival/dismissal, in small areas and when working closely with groups or the teacher.

How will the school enforce the wearing of a mask? The expectation is that all parties will be required to wear a face mask if social distancing is not possible and this will be enforced as part of the school dress code and/or through disciplinary measures. 

● What is my child has a medical condition and cannot wear a face mask? For students who have a medical condition and not able to wear a mask, the school will need a note from a physician. Further communication should be directed to the school administration and/or school nurses. 

● Can my child wear a face shield instead of a mask? Masks are required. Face shields are an optional additional layer of protection, but they may not take the place of the required mask. 

Does a child have to wear a mask outdoors and/or in P.E. or recess? As long as students are able to distance themselves from each other during transitions, they do not have to wear a mask outside. They will not wear a mask during physical activity (recess) or during physical education. 

● Will the district provide a face mask? Disposable masks will be made available if students do not have access to one. 

● Should students have spare masks at school? It's always a great idea to have multiple masks available, but if for some reason they cannot use the one they have, disposable masks will be made available to students.