HHS teacher publishes first novel

Congrats to Harpeth High School English teacher Steve Wilson on publishing his first novel, “Pen Dreams.”

Wilson has been teaching for 25 years and the past eight of those have been at HHS.

Wilson has written many songs and short stories through the years, but his wife challenged him to write his first novel.

He started writing “Pen Dreams” while on vacation during the COVID-19 pandemic. He wrote the book in about a month and spent six months editing it. The book came out in December.

Here’s a brief synopsis of the book, which is available on Amazon:

Tim Ashworth, a young English teacher, is given a pen with supernatural powers. While dreaming, the pen allows its owner to live a few hours in anyone’s past. Tim has dreams with all sorts of famous people, previous owners of the pen, and his troubled students - especially Carl. Pursuing the mystery of Carl’s past radically alters their future.