New student registration

Is your child new to the Cheatham County School District this year or are your transferring your child from one school to another within the district this year?

New student registration for the 2022-2023 school year begins Wednesday, July 27.

Please follow each school’s social media pages as specific information will be shared on them or call the school for additional information.

When you go to the school to register, the legal guardian must be present to complete the enrollment packet. Your child does not have to be present.

Items you need to bring with you:

• Proof of child’s age (examples: birth certificate, passport, tax return, medical record, etc.)

• Up-to-date immunization record (must be on official state of Tennessee form)

• Proof of physical exam (must be up-to-date on official state of Tennessee form)

• Custody/Guardianship papers signed by a judge (only if child is not living with both biological parents)

• Three current proofs of residence (examples: utility bills, driver’s license, rent/mortgage agreement, auto registration, voter registration, bank statement).

The approval letter from the district if you were accepted for open or out-of-county enrollment.

NOTE: If your child is already enrolled in the district and staying at the same school or moving to a feeder school (such as elementary school to middle school or middle school to high school), you do not need to enroll them for the new school year.