ECES to close on Jan. 20

East Cheatham Elementary School will be closed on Friday, Jan. 20 out of an abundance of caution so officials can continue to assess the smell of gas at the school.

There will be no after-school programming or activities at the school on Friday, Jan. 20, Saturday, Jan. 21, and Sunday, Jan. 22.

The ECES before and after-school daycare will operate out of the Ashland City Elementary STEM Academy daycare on Friday.

The Cheatham County School District has been working closely with the Pleasant View Volunteer Fire Department (PVVFD) over the past week to assess the smell of gas at the school.

The PVVFD responded to the school four times in the past week, including Thursday, Jan. 19, and has done a thorough investigation each time. The district and ECES leadership have been following the recommendations of the PVVFD.

“Each time the PVVFD handled the response just as we do every other odor or gas smell. Each time the PVVFD crews used multi-gas monitors to check the limits inside the building. Each time there was never an excessive reading on the monitors that would indicate that there was any danger in the building. The most recent response that happened today was the same outcome. The crews could smell an odor in the school, the school was evacuated and then the PVVFD crew checked the building very carefully and nothing was found, and nothing was showing on the monitoring equipment,” said PVVFD Fire Chief PJ Duncan.

We will continue to be in communication with Amerigas to assess the situation.

Our maintenance department has also been working closely with Trane, which services our HVAC systems, to troubleshoot the situation. Our HVAC team determined the smell to be residue odor coming from empty pipes as units tried to come on.

While we feel that the situation has been rectified, we will continue to monitor the school on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to ensure that we will be able to reopen on Monday, Jan. 23.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We thank you in advance for your patience as we navigate this situation. Our students and staff have done a wonderful job through this process, and they should be commended. 

We will continue to provide updates as they are known.