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Family Engagement

Family engagementFamily and community engagement strategies and events are used in Cheatham County to help build meaningful school-family-community relationships, improve communication and hold activities that lead to improved students academic achievement.
The goal of parent and community engagement is to help students experience success and become productive citizens.

There are national standards for parent/family engagement programs. These have been identified as parenting, communication, volunteering, learning at home, decision making and collaboration with community.
Cheatham County offers a variety of parenting classes and makes every effort to communicate with parents and community through local town hall meetings which are held in each cluster (north, central and southern) as well as through newsletters, social media and phone reach calls.
Parents are asked to complete surveys to give feedback to schools and to give suggestions concerning future classes and programs needed. Parents and community members are given opportunities to volunteer at local schools and district-wide events.
The Cheatham County School District partners with local agencies and community leaders whenever possible to provide the best educational experience for students.